Have questions about building, maintaining or just owning a pool? We've assembled some questions below to help you know what to expect.


Are fiberglass pools new to the pool industry?

Not at all. Fiberglass pools have been around since the mid-1950s.

 How long will installation take?

Your fiberglass pool can be installed in 3-5 days from excavation to filling the pool with water.

 My lot slopes. Can a pool work in my yard?

We have experience with installing pools in your application. The best way to evaluate your situation is to allow us to look at it and make suggestions about placement and options.

How can I avoid having to add chemicals to my pool?

While fiberglass does require the least amount of chemicals, it does require some to keep in safe and clear for your family. To eliminate your having to remember to add the chemicals, ask us about an automatic chlorine generator which actually generates the chlorine on its own.

Will I have to drain my pool in the winter?

Absolutely not. Your pool is designed to withstand the expanding and contracting of water as it freezes and thaws. In fact, the manufacturer recommends that you never drain your pool.

I have a lot of trees in my yard and I worry about the leaves. Is there a way to have a pool without cutting down my trees?

Absolutely. As long as the site for the pool is clear of trees, you may be able to keep the beauty of your existing landscaping even with trees close to the pool by having an automatic pool cover. This will cover your pool whenever it’s not in use. This can also help keep the heat in.

How much will a pool cost?

This is probably our most frequently asked question. The price of your pool will vary according to the size and shape pool you select, the options desired, and the layout of your yard. In addition, we offer several different installation packages custom designed to suit your individual needs. Because of this, we always offer a FREE onsite evaluation and estimate.

I’m not sure which pool works best for me. How do I decide?

First consider who will be using the pool and/or how it will be used. If you have children using the pool, you should consider their ages in making your selection. Also, consider whether the pool is to be used for exercise (in which case you may want a rectangular or lap pool) or whether it is more for family fun. You may want your pool as simply a showpiece that gets some recreational use. If this is the case, you may want to consider the freeform pools which offer great flexibility in landscaping, lighting, fountains, and spillover spas. Our experienced staff is always available to help you in selecting the pool to suit your needs.

Money is definitely a concern. How can I still get the pool of my dreams?

One of the first steps to consider is your budget for your pool project. When you meet with our staff, let them know your budget so that we can help you select the best pool and options to suit your needs. If you need financing, we work with several companies that specializing in finding the best program for your particular situation.